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The Door

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A mysterious abandoned factory started shooting the first day. When carrying actress Zhu Sha, deputy director, "the movie forefront" show host, who dream of a bus to reach the factory, the filming was empty, Lu Zhuren so that we stand at the factory, to go out himself during supper we buy, wait, deputy director bizarre but died in the bathroom where ... in order to find out the truth, we propose a dream to go to the bathroom to look, and sound engineer Dubbo, actress Zhu Sha, the driver sweet daughter Sweet remained in the service of the room, he came back from the bathroom after I saw Dubbo, sweet and Zhu Sha has disappeared. Lu guide the delay did not return, dead, sweet, Zhu Sha, deputy director of the mysterious disappearance with a supernatural event three years ago when the factory shooting. A series of bizarre things still continue ..... but the truth allows us unexpectedly.