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Funny cities for a meeting

Drôles de villes pour une rencontre
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Tomorrow we will all be urban ...

Man inexorably wants to live in the city. Two-thirds of the world's population will be growing in 2030, and that number will continue to grow. The result is there: Cities that grow, grow anywhere, no matter how. Very cold, very hot, very high, isolated, very densely populated ... The planet counts dozens of cities which, seen from France appear very little hospitable. And yet, their inhabitants love them, and live there without even realizing that their daily life is a feat.

Alexandra Alevêque, journalist, will experience life in these most extreme cities of the world and settle there, the time to discover the way of life of the inhabitants.

What she shows us reflects on the incredible adaptability of men and the solutions they provide, both behavioral and organizational.

What do these unusual cities look like?

How do their inhabitants live?

What do we have to learn from them?



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