Ładowanie w toku
  • Dyrektor Francesco Massaro
  • Runtime 1 godzina 35 minut
  • Gatunek Komedia
  • Język Włoski

Il lupo e l'agnello

4 członkowie

Leon de Paris is a modest dog-barber in Paris. In search of more satisfaction. Thanks to the economic helps of Fanny (his terrible mother in law), he succeeds to set up in Roma a very stylish "Coiffeur pour homme". But due to this, his life with Fanny isn't funny, and more, Leon has to dissimulate homosexuality for job reasons. He decides to stop this nightmare engaging "Er Cuculo" (the cuckoo) a B-gangster to simulate a robbery. In fact the plan is to take all Fanny's money, share it among them and escape in Montecarlo. Will the strange couple succeed?