Ładowanie w toku
  • Dyrektor Danny Pang
  • Runtime 1 godzina 27 minut
  • Gatunki Dramat, Horror, Tajemnica, Thriller
  • Język Chiński


4 członkowie

A young girl pretends to be the deceased granddaughter of an ailing grandmother soon to celebrate her birthday. The aged woman does not know her granddaughter has died; thinking she has only left, and the young girl, with her remarkable resemblance, is asked by the family to accompany the grandmother in her last days; posing as her granddaughter in order to cheer her up for her anniversary. The young girl suddenly experiences horrific visions of the dead granddaughter, and her life is threatened when the rest of the family suddenly conspires to kill her. Now in danger, she seeks the truth about the dead girl, while slowly succumbing to insanity as illusion and reality merge.

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