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Perdues d'amour

Lost for Passion

This documentary tells the story of the passionate and thwarted loves of four actresses who were stars in their times. Lya de Putti, the star of Phantom by F.W. Murnau (1922) and Variété (1935) by E.A. Dupont, loved her profession but died when she failed to make the transition to the talkies. Mireille Balin, irresistibly seductive with Gabin in Lady Killer (1937) paid dearly for her love affair with a German officer during the Occupation. Belinda Lee, the English actress who became a star at Cinecittà and a mainstay of la dolce vita, died shortly after her separation from the Prince Orsini, one of the great names of the Italian aristocracy. And Laura Antonelli, the star of Malizia and a long-time companion of Jean-Paul Belmondo, who did not survive her breakup with the last love of her life. Stars, celebrities and adored, but women above all…