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Wings - First Flight 1969-1974

Wings archive series released from misterclaudel label, a must-have for enthusiasts. This time it will be a DVD containing valuable images of the early Wings. Paul's early activities after the break-up of the Beatles began very quietly, and because of the distrust of the media, there was not much photography done, and there is not much left. In that respect, he is in contrast to John, who was willing to leave a lot of footage. This DVD is a chronological recording of Paul's history in such an era. It is said that the peak of Wings is from 1975 to 1976, but this work can be said to be a valuable video record of the appearance of Wings before it was accepted in the world. The contents include privately shot footage, news films, rehearsals, and everything from concert venues to stage footage. In this work, I think that the activity of Paul in the early days, which was not so clear, will be revealed.