Carregamento em andamento
  • Diretor Ben Hardaway
  • Duração 8 minutos
  • Gênero Animação
  • Idioma Inglês

Love and Curses

An aging hero is looking through the photo album and remembering the Gay 90's, and in particular a picnic interrupted by villainous Roger St. Clair, who tries to tempt Emily to the big city and away from Harold; when that fails, he takes her by force. Six months later, Harold is still searching; Emily is forced to sing on the stage of Roger's bar, accompanied by a barbershop quartet on "All Is Not Gold That Glitters." Harold passes by and hears her. Roger beans him with the curtain and ties Emily to the railroad tracks. Harold rescues her; there follows a sawmill scene, a shootout, and ultimately victory for our hero. Back in the present day, they wonder what happened to Roger, which is his cue.