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  • Diretor Marcel Sarmiento
  • Duração 1 hora 21 minutos
  • Gênero Horror, Thriller
  • Idioma Inglês

V/H/S: Viral

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Mayhem goes viral.

V/H/S: VIRAL's segments include the story of a deranged illusionist who obtains a magical object of great power; a homemade machine that opens a door to a parallel world; teenage skaters that unwillingly become targets of a Mexican death cult ritual; and a sinister, shadowy organization that is tracking a serial killer. The segments are tied together by the story of a group of fame-obsessed teens following a violent car chase in LA that unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation.

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C'est dommage mais je me suis ennuyé, de plus les story sont plus des gags que des évènements flippants, du coup l'ambiance des deux premiers n'est plus au rendez-vous. Préférez V/H/S et S-V/H/S.


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