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  • Diretor Jeffrey Scott
  • Duração 45 minutos
  • Gênero Animação
  • Idioma Inglês

iZ and the Zizzles

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The Franklins are a big city family stuck in a small Midwestern farm town. Dad owns a ragtag radio station, WZIZ-FM, and hopes to become a successful DJ so he can finally move the family back to New York. But with the station facing bankruptcy, the future isn't looking too bright. Then the answer to their troubles drops out of the skies when a top-secret military payload crash lands in a nearby cornfield. Out pops iZ, a tiny computerized spy robot on the hunt for enemy intelligence. What he finds instead is WZIZ-FM! When iZ downloads the stations entire music and sound effects library, his memory chip overloads with a BANG! - transforming him into a wacky, wild-mouthed DJ. iZ's funny and infectious new personality not only saves the radio station, it helps propel him and the Franklins to stardom with the hottest rock band in - iZ & the Zizzles.