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  • Diretor Hanns Schwarz
  • Duração 1 hora 17 minutos
  • Gênero Comédia, Drama
  • Idioma Francês

Cœurs joyeux

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A young man, Charles, operator in a neighborhood cinema, is suspected of involvement in the theft of jewelry. His fiancée, Lucette, but it would save would necessitate denounce his brother Olivier who is the leader of the band of thieves. Lucette will see the victim, the jeweler Van Hoolst who agrees to withdraw its complaint against restitution jewelry. Thieves do not meet the market but ultimately, the operator is cleared and becomes the owner of the cinema.


Pas mal, comme vieux film… Gabin est léger et espiègle, l’histoire est vive et inventive… Le type qui se déguise amène un bon quiproquo final – après celui de l’arrestation de Gabin (après celui avec le flic qu’il croise à la sortie…). Agréable.