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  • Diretor Anat Yuangngern
  • Duração 1 hora 27 minutos
  • Gênero Drama, Horror, Ação
  • Idioma Tailandês


The Brutal River
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The giant crocodile claimed the most live in history.

In the 1960s, there were few places on Earth as quiet and peaceful as Thailand's Chumporn province, where people continue to live life the old country way. This tranquility is shattered the day an unknown dead man's body is found along the banks of the river waterway. Soon after, villagers began to mysteriously disappear for no reason. The local people endeavor to learn the cause of the disappearances and the identity of the unknown stranger. While trying to track the unknown murderer, strange tracks are found, which could have only been made by some sort of huge animal.