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  • Diretor Giorgia Farina
  • Duração 1 hora 46 minutos
  • Gênero Drama
  • Idioma Italiano

Guida romantica a posti perduti

Romantic Guide to Lost Places
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Benno and Allegra: he's over fifty, English, and drinks like a fish; she's twenty years younger, a travel blogger with lots of imagination. They both live off their lies and have no intention of stopping now. Next-door neighbors who had never met until the day he wound up on the wrong landing, and nothing would ever be the same. Sheer chance leads this odd couple on a flight towards lost or forgotten places, where their mutual support makes for self-discovery.

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Un film très intéressant où l'un se sauve et l'autre pas. Pas de pathos, juste une dure réalité. J'aurai aimé que le film continue davantage sur le devenir de Benno même si l'on comprend bien que son choix est fait.