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  • Realizador K.C.N.
  • Duração 13 minutos
  • Idioma Inglês

With Torn And Bleeding Hearts We Smile

Denied Salvation And Assured That Misery Would Continue At The Behest Of Self-Proclaimed Experts And Eaters, A Vision Or Perhaps A Nightmare, Maybe Even An Inevitability. Created Within The Confines Of Coldness, Shivering And Hypnotized. Accustomed To Agony. What Do The Tears Those Who Can Shed Truly Mean, Who Are The People Who They Are Shed For, People Who Give Only To Get, Who Pretend, The "Righteous" Gathering To Deceive The Starving, To Devour. The Toothless In Search Of Teeth. The Heartless In Search Of Hearts, Not To Have And To Hold, But To Ingest. How Many Times Can I Be Killed And Immediately Reborn, But Each Time Growing Colder, Thinner And Devoid Of Earthly Essence.