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  • Género Ficção científica, Documentário
  • Idioma Inglês

The Restoration, Vol 1

With the advent of visual and tangible contact with other planets in our solar system, man is beginning to open his mind to the reality that life exists in other solar systems in our galaxy. Far ahead of all existing branches of physical and cosmological sciences, the interdimensional science of Unarius teaches the fourth-dimensional physics of interstellar communication. Uriel, director and cofounder of Unarius, has been in mental contact with 32 other worlds within our galaxy. She provides evidence to transcend the egocentric, myopic viewpoint that we are alone in the universe. The descriptive narrative and graphic portrayals of Uriel's contact with seven of these planets, members of the Interplanetary Confederation, provide information enabling one to be able to conceive extraterrestrial life!