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  • Realizador Gerard Healy
  • Idioma Inglês

Turas Tearnaimh

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Government-sponsored health information film promoting awareness of the infectious disease, Tuberculosis. The film takes the form of a narrative in which a young man believes he has caught a cold until his wife advises that he attend a doctor. When the doctor diagnoses TB and admits the man to hospital, he goes through the various stages of the disease, and leaves the hospital in good health. A concluding statement reveals that the death rate from the disease has declined from 4, 306 in 1943 to 1, 600 in 1952. An aerial shot of the new James Connolly Memorial Hospital at Blanchardstown, Dublin, concludes the film with an assurance that Ireland's employment of modern methods in treating the disease and the introduction of the BCG vaccine are capable of countering it.