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  • Realizador Didier Bourdon
  • Duração 1 hora 30 minutos
  • Género Comédia
  • Idioma Francês

Madame Irma

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Francis, who is in his forties, manages the French subsidiary of an American high-tech company. But the shareholders suddenly decide to close it. Depressed by the idea of being unemployed and the prospect of losing his second wife, Francis decides to consult a fortune-teller. The experience is a real eye-opener for him and the start of a new career: He pretends to be a fortune teller himself and turns into Madame Irma. How to explain that to his wife Clotilde?

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Malgré le fait que cela peut arriver à tout le monde...qu’est-ce que j’ai bien rigolé...le duo Bourdon-Legitimus est toujours aussi efficace.


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