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  • Realizador Ham Tran
  • Duração 1 hora 45 minutos
  • Género Ficção científica, Familiar, Aventura
  • Idioma Vietnamita

Cô Bé Đến Từ Hành Tinh Khác

768 membros

Things could be better for 8-year-old Hung, who is grieving the loss of his mother who died a year ago. His relationship with his father is strained, his best friend is moving away, and to top it all off, a greedy landlord is bullying his father to force them out of their apartment. He finds solace by watching the night sky from the roof of his apartment building. One night, he witnesses a meteor shower and an errant falling star that lands in the nearby countryside. He investigates, but instead of finding a fallen star, he meets a new friend, and he decides to do everything he can to help her.

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