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PREVIEW: Mimi has a close encounter with Rex; Chloe and Brady make love; Shawn and Belle have an emotional reunion. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Rex is looking for Belle and finds Mimi, sick as a dog, in Belle's bed. She's glad to see Rex, but he's upset when he learns that Belle is with Shawn. Mimi picks up on this and he admits that Belle is his sister. Cassie returns from the police station, where she was looking for Shawn, and Mimi tells her to leave Shawn alone. Cassie wonders why Mimi won't tell her where Shawn is and she throws a picture frame when Mimi blurts that they're probably having sex. Rex tells Cassie to pull it together and suggests she go back to the mansion. When Mimi spills cough syrup on Rex's shirt, she strips the shirt off of him and his body turns her on...
Shawn/Belle reunite at the pier and he explains why he's been released. He apologizes profusely for pulling away from Belle and promises he only did it because he didn't want to make her an accessory

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S38E82 - Ep. #9511

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