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Nicole and Taylor are told that Fay was fully aware when she fell down the stairs. Chloe mistakenly believes Philip is seeking sole custody of Parker after seeing him with Mrs. Hogan. Sami asks "Rafe" why they're still talking about Fay when he barely knows her. Fay's monitors continue to go off after seeing E.J. and flatlines. Amy introduces herself to Dario, while Melanie is wondering who this woman is. Daniel comes in the room to attempt at reviving Fay. Philip explains to Chloe that he told Mrs. Hogan what a wonderful job she's been doing as of late. E.J. overhears Nicole tells Carly that her mother called and desperately wanted to tell her something. Dario tells Melanie that Amy is a private investigator and once he finds the driver who hit Arianna he's out of town. Lexie tells E.J. it's possible that Fay could've sensed the attraction between him and Taylor. Melanie tells Daniel and Carly she plans to use some of the money Philip gave her as a reward for the information on Arianna's hit and run. Caroline asks Sami exactly what's bothering her, she says that "Rafe" isn't the person she married. Nicole goes to confront Nurse Delia about what happened at the house tonight, she then finds the pills under the pillow. Dario tells Melanie he isn't impressed by her actions. "Rafe" begins to inject an air bubble into Fay's I.V., Sami comes by the hospital and approaches her room.

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S46E107 - 4/6/2011

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