Lastning pågår
  • Direktör Dave Fleischer
  • Körtid 7 minuter
  • Genres Animation, Komedi, Familj
  • Språk Eaŋgalsgiella

Baby Wants a Bottleship

Olive is going shopping and drops Swee'pea off for Popeye to watch. Popeye carves a sailboat for him, but the tyke spots Popeye's battleship, and the puny toy boat will no longer do. He climbs aboard, and there's the expected mayhem. Notable sequences include a stint on the ship's cannon's control board, with Popeye caught on the barrel, then in the gears; also, at the end, Swee'Pea hitches a ride atop a torpedo just as Olive is returning and Popeye's out cold.