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  • Direktör Masaaki Osumi
  • Körtid 1 timme 30 minuter
  • Genres Animation, Telefilm, Åtgärd, Komedi
  • Språk Japánagiella

ルパン三世 ルパン暗殺指令

19 medlemmar

After Inspector Zenigata is reassigned from the Lupin case and grows despondent, master thief Lupin the Third decides to help him get his old job back, teaming up with the old man to destroy the international weapon smugglers Shot Shell. Together with Lupin's long-time partners in crime, they steal a nuclear Russian submarine and enlist the help of a nuclear physicist named Karen, who keeps suspiciously eyeing Lupin's partner Jigen. If that weren't enough, Zenigata's Interpol successor is an assassin who aims to pick off the Lupin gang one by one.


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ルパン三世 カリオストロの城
ルパン三世 風魔一族の陰謀
ルパン三世 風魔一族の陰謀