• Network CBS
  • Genres Adventure, Animation, Children, Family
  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Total runtime 18 hours
  • Status Ended

Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

6 members4 seasons36 episodes

"Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle" was a Filmation cartoon that aired on CBS from 1976 to 1980. Unlike the simple-minded man depicted in the movies, this cartoon had an intelligent, well-spoken Ta rzan who was accompanied by a monkey sidekick, N'kima. In many ways, this series was the most faithful of all screen-based adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan, and featured a number of "lost cities" from the original novels. The rotoscoped animation is based upon the work of Burrough's favorite Tarzan artist, Burne Hogarth.





25 July 2006

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