• Regisseur Nicolas Drolc
  • Dauer 1 Stunde 35 Minuten
  • Sprache Französisch

Sur les toits

4 Mitglieder

At a first glance "Sur les toits" is a film about a prison revolt in the North East of France in the early 1970's. However this film is not about a singular historic incident - it is about you. You think you are free? Well, you are most likely not. Freedom must be fought for every day and this film is a reminder of that ancient fact. Director Nicolas Drolc has understood it is all about making the personal universal. His film is not soley about prison or the correctional system, his film is about raising one's voice and defining one's own fate. In a time where we all think we are so g'damn free "Sur les toits" makes us look back to see what fighting for one's freedom and dignity truly means.