• Genre Reality-Show
  • Dauer einer Episode 30 Minuten
  • Gesamtdauer 13 Stunden
  • Status Abgeschlossen
  • Kanal Discovery Channel (CA)

Never Ever Do This At Home

3 Mitglieder 2 Staffeln26 Episoden

Don't most people - secretly - want to know what would happen if they ignored the safety warnings? Why can't she garden with explosives, or heat tin cans directly on the stove? Why shouldn't he flood a second-floor room to test its threshold, or make moonshine in the garden shed? As Wilson and Sousa test these "nevers" and more, staging elaborate trials using conventional products, household appliances, volatile gases, and professional-grade explosives - essentially whatever they can get their hands on - they reveal the extreme dangers lurking behind commonplace warnings. NEVER EVER DO THIS AT HOME also features a team of special effects and fire safety professionals, plus experts from various fields of demolition, chemistry, and radiation, to maximize the consequences - and keep Wilson and Sousa out of harm's way (most of the time...). With 20 cameras capturing every angle - including highly-specialized "Phantoms" that can record 2,650 frames per second for the ultimate in slow-motion replay -- the series showcases the legitimate physics and chemistry behind the outrageous cause-and-effect consequences of Wilson and Sousa's experiments in stunning detail.



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