• Land Japan
  • Genres Zeichentrick, Science-Fiction
  • Dauer einer Episode 30 Minuten
  • Gesamtdauer 44 Stunden
  • Status Abgeschlossen
  • Kanal Syndicated


323 Mitglieder 3 Staffeln88 Episoden

Robotech is the critically acclaimed animated series about mankind's first contact with warring alien races, and the use of alien technology to defend Earth. The series was broken into three chapters, The Macross Saga, The Robotech Masters, and The New Generation. Released in 1985, Robotech was the first anime (Japanese animation) series that many fans had seen, and is often accredited as the cause of the anime fandom that continues to grow today in the United States.



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N'a pas la place qu'il mérite dans le hit "nostalgie" des animés de la génération Dorothée


Très bon animé. Encore un qui a bercé mon enfance...


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