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Easy Abby -- Season 1, Episode 2 "Pie's the Limit"

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Abby is forced into a double blind date with a woman she's actually already been with before as Sara and Carolyn's dinner party starts getting very warm in the center but cooling around the edges. All episodes of Easy Abby can be viewed on www.onemorelesbian.com ---------------------------------- Easy Abby web series is written & directed by Wendy Jo Carlton (Jamie & Jessie are Not Together) and features Lisa Cordileone (Abby) For more Easy Abby info, Cast & Crew photos and Merchandise please go to www.easyabby.com Watch award-winning lesbian Romantic Comedy "Jamie & Jessie are Not Together" HERE: http://www.onemorelesbian.com/plus/jamie-and-jessie-are-not-together ----------------------------------

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