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For the People (2018)

First Inning

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Sandra, with the help of new investigator Ted, must defend a teenage gamer whose online argument leads to a police raid that ends with the death of a United States senator. A personal connection to the “swatting” case makes Roger determined to charge the teenager to the fullest extent of the law and pushes Kate to her limits in the process. Meanwhile, Jay is tasked with defending New York’s most spoiled millennial from going to jail for her petty crimes.

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S02E02 - This is America

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contente de retrouver la série et les persos (surtout Leonard et Kate).


Bonne reprise, avec un cas vraiment pas facile qui fait réfléchir sur l'impact des nouvelles technologies, ce que les gens en font, et le retard du système judiciaire pour traiter ça... Et Leonard Knox, à la niche ! \o/