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Inspired by the students, Will composes a mash-up for a very special occasion. Meanwhile, in a shocking reversal of roles, McKinley High's cool kids are dethroned in an "icy" fashion, and Sue shows off her softer side in the "Mash-Up" episode of GLEE.

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S01E09 - Wheels


Mais cet épisode est incroyable!...ment horrible. Il n'a ni queue ni tête et est complètement absurde (ce qui le rend drôle d'un certain point de vue)


Actors (23)

Matthew Morrison
Will Schuester
Sue Sylvester
Cory Monteith
Finn Hudson
Rachel Berry
Chris Colfer
Kurt Hummel
Kevin McHale
Artie Abrams
Patrick Gallagher
Ken Tanaka
Dijon Talton
Matt Rutherford
James Earl
Gina Hecht
Mrs. Puckerman
Amber Riley
Mercedes Jones
Earlene Davis
Andrea Carmichael
Bill A. Jones
Rod Remington
Bill A. Jones
Rod Remington
Jenna Ushkowitz
Tina Cohen-Chang
Jayma Mays
Emma Pillsbury
Jessalyn Gilsig
Terri del Monico
Dianna Agron
Quinn Fabray
Mark Salling
Noah Puckerman
Max Adler
Dave Karofsky
Heather Morris
Brittany S. Pierce
Naya Rivera
Santana Lopez
Harry Shum Jr.
Mike Chang