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  • Number S02E02
  • Director Eva Husson
  • Writer David Farr

The Trial

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Marissa and Hanna return to Paris, whilst Clara is introduced into the fold at The Meadows - but her rebellious nature causes problems, and Terri is tasked with persuading her to rejoin the programme. Pursuing Carla, Hanna finds the pharmaceutical company behind the Utrax medical implants and takes part in a drug trial, where she discovers that the drugs are bound for the trainees at The Meadows.

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Episodes (8)

Season 2

Actors (28)

Esme Creed-Miles
Mireille Enos
Georgia Goodman
Suited Woman at Trial
Noham Hedjem
Laila Mnii
Trial Admin Assistant 2
Nico Pimparé
Trial Admin Assistant 1
Colin Stinton
Tom Kaladski
Leander Vyvey
Male Nurse
Natasha Atherton
Emma D'Arcy
Sonia Richter
Ziad Jallad
Antoine Mathieu
Louis Dumont
Clarisse Normand
Monica Gastner
Ellen Evans
Laura - Girl 261
Pia Hagen
Charlie - Girl 228
Severine Howell-Meri
Helen Young
Mia Jenkins
Danielle Marks
Gianna Kiehl
Jules Allen
Ria Lopez
Nina - Girl 256
Clea Martin
Jessie - Girl 233
Katie Clarkson-Hill
Joanne McCoy
Antonio Magro
Larry Robins
Cherrelle Skeete
Terri Miller
Anthony Welsh
Leo Garner
Noah Taylor
Dr. Roland Kunek
Dermot Mulroney
Yasmin Monet Prince
Clara Mahan
Áine Rose Daly
Trainee 242 / Sandy Phillips