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Made For Love

I Want a New Life

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Propelled by her dad to pitch in, Hazel reverts to old money-making schemes and runs into her former best friend Bangles, who inspires her to remember the person she was before Byron. After exhausting the ways to lead Hazel back home of her own volition, Byron reveals the frightening lengths he’s willing to go to get his wife back.

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S01E05 - I Want a Lawyer

Actors (12)

Cristin Milioti
Hazel Green
Billy Magnussen
Byron Gogol
Ray Romano
Herbert Green
Dan Bakkedahl
Lyle Herringbone
Noma Dumezweni
Dr. Fiffany Hodeck
Augusto Aguilera
Matthew Bilodeau
Student #2
Chelsea Conwright
Student #1
Dutch Johnson
Brandon Morales
Pawn Shop Owner
Patti Harrison
Caleb Foote
Bennett Hobbes