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Magnum P.I.

Tell No One

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When a wealthy man hires Magnum and Higgins to find his missing wife, they are stunned when a tragedy occurs as a result of their investigation. Kumu's suspicion of her step-daughter's boyfriend creates a divide with her and Kumu's new relationship.

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S03E07 - Killer on the Midnight Watch

Actors (10)

Jay Hernandez
Thomas Magnum
Perdita Weeks
Juliet Higgins
Zachary Knighton
Orville “Rick” Wright
Stephen Hill
Theodore “T.C.” Calvin
Det. Gordon Katsumoto
Amy Hill
Tim Kang
Det. Gordon Katsumoto
Janel Parrish
Jay Karnes
Colin Braggs
Kimee Balmilero
Dr. Noelani Cunha