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Miracle Workers (2019)

Fording The River

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The wagon train must ford a dangerous river, leading to a moral struggle between Ezekiel and Benny over the soul of the group. Prudence and Todd meet hipster pioneers living #wagonlife.

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S03E03 - Hunting Party

Actors (14)

Daniel Radcliffe
Reverend Ezekiel Brown
Geraldine Viswanathan
Prudence Aberdeen
Karan Soni
The Gunslinger
Jon Bass
Todd Aberdeen
Steve Buscemi
Benny the Teen
The Gunslinger
Jordan Firstman
Shay Mitchell
Maya Kazan
Pregnant Ruth
Savannah Rodin
Ticket Lady
Tammy Dahlstrom
River Drosche
Young Levi
Mary Anne McGarry
Granny McGill
Lamont Thompson
Farmer John