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Record of Youth

Episode 9

325 members

Jeong-ha prepares to sell her place. Hye-Jun's career takes off to a different level making him anxious. He knows stardom draws envy and hate. His fear of ever losing it before he even gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor and hard work is bothering him somehow.

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S01E10 - Episode 10

Actors (13)

Park Bo-gum
Sa Hye-Joon
Park So-dam
An Jung-Ha
Byeon Woo-seok
Won Hae-Hyo
Lee Chang-hoon
Lee Tae-Soo
Jo Yoon Jung
Won Hae-Na
Kwon Soo-Hyeon
Kim Jin-Woo
Ha Hee-ra
Han Ae-Sook
Shin Ae-ra
Kim Yi-Young
Han Jin-hee
Sa Min-Ki
Park Su-young
Sa Young-Nam
Seo Sang-won
Won Tae-Kyeong
Lee Jae-won
Sa Kyeong-Joon
Shin Dong-mi
Lee Min Jae