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  • Previous episode S01E08 - Abundance
  • Number S01E09
  • Director Tommy O'Haver
  • Writers Dave Finkel, David Iserson, Alexa Junge, Tracy McMillan
United States of Tara


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Needing a break from real life, Kate and Tara head out on an impromptu road trip. Max uses this time away from Tara to search for answers about her past. That night, Tara and Kate get into an argument causing Tara to transition into “T.” “T” heads to the nearest tattoo parlor and Kate tries to stop her before she makes a permanent mistake.

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S01E10 - Betrayal


Ça ne fait pas avancer le schmilblick (sauf l’histoire du fils…) mais ça donne un angle de vue différent à la série – Tara qui se dispute avec son mari, fait une sortie décalée avec sa fille… Toujours gentiment agréable.