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  • Director Ryuichi Takamori
  • Runtime 1 hour 32 minutes
  • Genre Mystery
  • Language Japanese

監察医 室生亜季子㉚ 震える顔

Kota Mizutani, a 10-year-old boy whose health worsened after he saw a murder, is brought to Akiko's clinic by his mother Mariko. Kota says that two months ago, he witnessed a man in a park strangling a woman with a cord and was chased by the man afterwards. Hamada, who listens to his story along with Akiko, immediately performs an investigation but cannot find any traces of the crime. However, Kota's testimony gains credence when the body of a woman killed two months before is discovered on a construction site in Kawagoe. Acting on a tip from a citizen who says she had been wearing the same clothes as the victim, the police search the house of Kazuko Shimazaki, a photographer who is often absent. But when Kazuko returns from her trip with her assistant Hirano, it becomes clear the victim is a different person.