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  • Country Thailand
  • Genre Drama
  • Runtime 130 minutes
  • Total runtime 34 hours 40 minutes
  • Status Ended
  • Network Channel 3


8 members 1 season16 episodes

Ruthainak (Chalida Vijitvongthong) is the smart, resilient, sharp-tongued younger sister. Her older sister, Nunthaka (Selina Pearce), is beautiful, but spoiled and sheltered. In financial difficulties, the girls' father asks a member of the Hong Kong mafia, Lin Lang Sur (Tanin Manoonsilp), for a large loan. He pledges Nunthaka as collateral to secure the debt. Panicked when he is unable to repay the money, he flees with Nunthaka. When Ruthainak is taken to Hong Kong to confront the furious mafioso, she offers to work to pay off her family's debt. In the beginning, Ruthainak and Lin Lang Sur don't get along, but slowly the mob boss begins to fall for the clever girl.




J'aia adoré ce Lakorn vraiment les rebondissement sont nombreux et malgré la longue durée des épisodes je me suis pas ennuyée une seconde


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