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  • Genres Action, Crime, Drama
  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Total runtime 78 hours
  • Status Ended
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Highway Patrol (1955)

4 members 4 seasons156 episodes

Classic 50s cop show, starring the gruff and often inebriated Oscar winner Broderick Crawford, playing the role of Dan Mathews, whose rank was never quite the same from one show to the next. Catch phrase was 10-4. Great 50s finny cars. Stars who got their start on this show included Clint Eastwood, Barbara Eden, Leonard Nimoy (two appearances). Gene Roddenberry wrote several episodes under a pseudonym.



Actors (85)

Broderick Crawford
Chief Dan Mathews
Art Gilmore
William Boyett
Officer 3833 / Officer Johnson
Stuart Whitman
Bill Martin, skindiver
Terry Frost
Sgt. Morris
Guy Williams
Jerry March / Officer Hansen
Morgan Jones
Officer 3822 / Officer on Phone / The Highway Patrolman
Byron Keith
Highway Patrolman Bergen / Officer Dillon
Charles H. Gray
A Highway Patrolman / Area 3 Officer
Harry Wilson
Customer in Restaurant / Extra at Cafe Counter
Roy Bourgeois
Copter Pilot Roy
Jeanne Cooper
Louise Douglas
Will J. White
Agent Ed Coleman
Diane Webber
Coulter Irwin
Steve Talbot
Kathy Marlowe
Audrey Talbot
Clint Eastwood
Joe Keeley
Joe Brown
Mr. Hastings
Rhodes Reason
Al Miller
Irene Anders
Gloria Miller
Peter Brocco
Arnold Blackwell
Julian Upton
Bellhop Frank
James Dobson
Bellhop William "Red" Richardson
Nancy Howard
Angie, the patient
Buck Young
Gas Station Attendant
Don Kelly
Paul Lawson
Jason Johnson
Company Manager
Gayne Whitman
Dr. Kennedy
Guy Prescott
Man From Cafe
Brad Trumbull
Mickey Demarest
Michael Legend
Walt Hollis
Nancy Hadley
Rita Hollis
Joe Cranston
Ranger Ben Seward
Britt Lomond
Ptl. Melton, at headquarters
Jonathan Hole
Roger Taylor
Marie Stoddard
Ethel Corey
Gene Reynolds
Henry Corey
Marvin Press
Wilbur Morgan
Michael Garrett
Patrolman Mike Peterson
Robert Patten
Patrolman Mark Reynolds
Dennis Cross
Bill Reynolds
Rachel Ames
Mrs. Reynolds
Watson Downs
Dad Reynolds
Michael Mark
The Passing Motorist
Michael Shaan
A Highway Patrolman
Ford Stevens
Paxton, the leader
Peter Davis
Geller, the killer
Leo V. Matranga
Curtis, the eater
Charles Gray
Officer Edwards (#1430)
George Becwar
Miles Lauber, the big boss
Patty Ann Gerrity
Little Girl on Beach
Anthony Blankley
Little Boy on Beach
John Hart
Sergeant at Headquarters
Eleanore Tanin
Helen Tewell Barton
Troy Melton
Joe Barton
Margaret Irving
Irene Tewell, mother
Bobby Watson
Ted Tewell, father
Harry Hines
Mr. Dillon, witness
Jay Douglas
Officer Dorsey
Monty Ash
Police Lab Technician
Alan Aric
Jimmy Higgins
Guy Rennie
Charley Giddings
William Hunt
Leroy Edwards, alias Frank Russell
Glenn Dixon
Paul Sorensen
Steve Naylor
Fritz Ford
Wilson, insurance investigator
Gary Roark
Kirk Alyn
Coordinating Officer at Headquarters
Eddie Gallagher
Officer Peterson
James Stone
Warren Siddons, motorist
Dan Starkey
Mr. Stedman
Emmaline Henry
Gloria Burgess
John Close
'Stash' Irwin
Shirley O'Hara
Miss Carter
Rayford Barnes
Seth Roberts
Paul Engle
Jimmy James, the boy
Lyn Guild
Cara Roberts
Charles Postal
Mr. Williams
Jacqueline Holt
Miss Grace
Jim Hyland
Simmons, the cousin
Jack Finch
Mr. McGurrin
Paul Richards
Helene Stanton
Tyler McVey
Red Lester
Fran Bennett
Dolly Parker

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