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  • Genres Children, Mini-Series
  • Runtime 55 minutes
  • Total runtime 4 hours 35 minutes
  • Status Ended
  • Network RAI

The Adventures of Pinocchio (IT)

24 members 1 season5 episodes

Mastro Geppetto is a poor carpenter with no wife and no children. The man is very lonely, and when trading a piece of wood with his colleague Mastero Cherry, he decides to build himself a puppet to make him company. The puppet is Pinocchio. During the a Fairy visits the carpenter's shop to see Pinocchio. The woman makes a deal with the puppet: if he behaves well, honoring his father in the process, he will become a human being, otherwise he will remain a piece of wood. Pinocchio promises, and magically becomes a kid. But the temptations of life are many, and Pinocchio runs away from home, instead of going to school, like his father Geppetto wants, and he enters illegally in the company of puppets of the cruel Mangiafoco. Pinocchio, helped by the Fairy, tries to be kind and respectful, but by his brat character, he always finds himself in the midst of trouble...




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