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  • Genres Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
  • Runtime 10 minutes
  • Total runtime 6 hours 40 minutes
  • Status Continuing
  • Network Cartoon Network
  • Showrunner Parker Simmons

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

137 members 1 season40 episodes

Mao Mao, Badgerclops and Adorabat are fearless warriors who protect the people of Pure Heart Valley from monsters, villains and all kinds of bad stuff. Led by King Snugglemagne, the Sweety Pies of Pure Heart are cute, cuddly and pretty much helpless. Luckily, they have valiant heroes like Mao Mao, Adorabat and Badgerclops to watch over them. He’ll battle baddies like the Sky Pirates: Orangusnake, Ramaraffe, Boss Hosstrich and Rat-A-Rang, while learning to become a legend in his own time.

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Official Trailer | Mao Mao | Cartoon Network
(Season 1)
20 May 2019

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