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  • Country Hong Kong SAR China
  • Genre Drama
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Total runtime 22 hours 30 minutes
  • Status Ended
  • Network TVB

When Heaven Burns

2 members 1 season30 episodes

In their youth Joe (Bowie Lam), Angus (Moses Chan), Ronnie (Kenny Wong) and Ka Ming are good friends and band mates. During a mountaineering trip, the four are stranded on a snow bound mountain and out of desperation Ka Ming is killed and eaten by the other three. This event has a traumatic effect on their friendship, and their friendship with Yan (Charmaine Sheh), Ka Ming's girl friend, leading the previously close group to go their separate ways. Eighteen years later, Yan remains haunted by the memory of Ka Ming, trying to regain what she had with him in part with her husband and and in part with her lover, but finding neither a complete replacement for her lost love breaks with them both. Troubled she loses track of time while alone in the wilderness, sparking a missing persons alert which becomes the catalyst for the four estranged friends to meet again. Though she was Ka Ming's girlfriend all four band mates were in love with her and the three survivors remain in love with her. Suffering from selective amnesia, Ronnie is unable to remember the mountaineering trip, and out of nostalgia of their past friendship he strives to bring the friends back together. This he achieves by recalling a lost song written by Ka Ming just before his death, although he had strove to do so for eighteen years he is only able to finally do so after encountering Yan again. The rebuilding of their friendship is reflected in the reconstruction of the lost song, as they don again their roles of lead guitar, drummer and bassist. However just as the friends learn to live with the past Ka Ming's remains are discovered on the mountain.