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Tale 2: How to Make a Girl

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The story shifts to another Jun who unlike the first one, refused Laplace's invitation and did not meet the Rozen Maidens. Years later, this Jun started living by himself and now divides his time between working in a bookstore and going to college. One day, he finds an unclaimed box containing the first of a series of books with instructions and materials to create a Rozen Maiden. After taking the book home, Jun finds the second volume already delivered there including a storage box and some parts for the doll in question, which is revealed to be Shinku. Since then, Jun spends his free time working on Shinku's creation as he recieve more volumes until they stop coming without any warning. Soon after, the adult Jun is contacted at his phone by the original Jun explaining that in his reality, almost all Rozen Maidens were already defeated by Kirakishou and asking for his help to revive Shinku. However, he later recieves a letter with a cancellation notice for the book series and he finds himself with no parts left to complete her.

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S01E03 - Tale 3: Crimson Awakening

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