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Keeping Up Appearances

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British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances features Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth Bucket, a wannabe social climber who insists her surname be pronounced "Bouquet." Her incessant attempts to project an upper-crust image cause grief for all those around her, including henpecked husband Richard, the local vicar and her neighbours. Providing a constant source of embarrassment are Hyacinth's unsophisticated sisters Daisy and Rose as well as lazy, crude brother-in-law Onslow.



Attori (131)

Patricia Routledge
Hyacinth Bucket
Clive Swift
Richard Bucket
Judy Cornwell
Geoffrey Hughes
Josephine Tewson
Elizabeth 'Liz' Warden
David Griffin
Mary Millar
Shirley Stelfox
Jeremy Gittins
Michael the Vicar
George Webb
Marion Barron
The Vicar's Wife
David Janson
Michael the Postman
Robert Rawles
The Milkman
Charmian May
Councillor Mrs. Nugent
Peter Cellier
Major / The Major
Robert McBain
Frank / The Committee Member
Ian Burford
Richard's Mate / The Neighbor / The Neighbour
Eric Carte
Parking Attendant / Sergeant Watkins / The Sergeant
Anna Dawson
Ivor Danvers
Richard's Boss / Town Hall Official
Denis Bond
His mate / The Estate Agent
John Pennington
The Sergeant / The store official
Leo Dolan
The Postman
Linda James
Committee Member / Lady at Church Hall
Pamela Abbott
Lady at Church Hall / The Driver
Keturah Sorrell
Lady at Church Hall / Miss Wilson
Len Lowe
The Passenger / The Pub Customer
John Evitts
Dinah Sheridan
The Hotel Guest
Jeanne Mockford
Mrs. Marjorie East
Jon Glover
Gerald Sim
The Vicar
Jean Anderson
Mrs. Fortescue
Dicken Ashworth
Jennifer Daniel
Mrs. Lennox
Gretchen Franklin
Daddy's Fiance
Liz Gebhardt
The Angry Woman
Tony Aitken
TV Repairman
Royce Mills
Sue Lloyd
Mrs. Drummond
Bruce Montague
His Lordship
Geraldine Newman
The Chairwoman
Ian Lavender
The Security Representative
Derek Waring
Mr. Cooper-Bassett
Timothy Carlton
The Salesman
John Arnatt
Sir Edward
Jack Smethurst
Man in Phone Booth
Norman Lovett
Mr. Duxbury
Christopher Mitchell
The Porter
Jonny Lee Miller
The Youth
David Warwick
Marcia Warren
Michael Bilton
His Lordship
David Simeon
The Auctioneer
Frederick Jaeger
Nigel Davenport
The Commodore
Liz Daniels
His Wife
Stuart Fell
The Driver
Angus Lennie
Mr. Farrini
Bernard Archard
The Hotel Guest
Anna Bolt
Terrence Hardiman
Bruce Alexander
The Doctor
Paul Toothill
The Meter Man
James Ottaway
Mr. Oxley
Steve Morley
The Lock-Keeper
Rebecca Root
The Engineer
John Owens
The Insurance Salesman
Juliet Douglas
The salesgirl
Eileen Davies
The Gypsy
Jill O'Hare
Less Clack
Stately Home Visitor
Stella Kemball
Stately Home Visitor
Tricia Thorns
Mrs. Phyllis Dobson
Bruce Bennett
Jonathan Fryer
Patricia Leach
Mrs. Midgely
Rick Friend
The Hippie
Richard Ashton
The Hippie
Laura Shavin
Michael Burrell
The Neighbor
Gregory Cox
Mr. Helliwell
Stuart Sherwin
Man with dog
Sally Hughes
The Receptionist
Eamonn Clarke
The Porter
Sharon White
The Chambermaid
Michael Leader
Man near Reception
Helen Christie
The Registrar
Simon Merrick
The Committee Chairman
Brendan O'Hea
Anthony Dawes
The Jeweler
Ivan Santon
Mr. Marinopolous
Robert Powell
Nigel Williams
Mr. Penworthy
Nick Burnell
The Driver
David Keller
The Driver's Mate
Karen Chatwin
The Waitress
Jonathan Stratt
The Policeman
Matthew Long
The Policeman
Nicholas Bennett
Mr. Finchley
Ian Collier
The Sales Assistant
Nicholas Boyce
The Youth
Joe Dunlop
His Companion
Michael L. Blair
The Pillion Rider
Barrie Gosney
The Yokel
Helen Dorward
The Visitor
Paul Williamson
C.P. Benedict
Clovissa Newcombe
The Cashier
Liz Edmiston
Committee Member
Ann Davies
Lady at Luncheon
Donald T. Allen
The Station Master
Gordon Peters
The Ticket Clerk
Irene Sharp
Lady at Station
John Barrard
The Homeowner
John Phythian
The Constable
Jennifer Clulow
The Estate Agent
Rita Davies
Mrs. Lomax
John Darrell
The Inspector
Sheila Rennie
The Lady Helper
Jean Harvey
Mrs. Donaghue
Kyle Wicks
The Boy
Ben de Winter
The Engineer
Margaret Towner
The Elderly Lady
Lois Penson
Miss Pillsworth
Clare Kelly
Miss Pillsworth
David Ashford
The Auction Assistant
Jessica James
Mrs. Braddock
Colin Stepney
His Lordship's Assistant
Jennie Morton
Alexandra Howerd
John Waterhouse
His Assistant

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