Caricamento in corso
  • Sesso Azione, Drammatica, Romanticismo, Sapone, Suspense
  • Durata di un episodio 40 minuti
  • Durata totale 84 ore
  • Stato Completato
  • Canale Telemundo

The Miserables (2014)

Los Miserables (2014)
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Lucia Durán (Lucha) leaves prison in Texas (U.S.) where she served 11 years of her sentence, with the frustration of paying for a crime she did not commit. Her cellmate Rosalia Pérez, on her deathbed, entrusts Lucia to take charge of Roxana, her 10-year-old daughter living in Mexico City. Lucia is deported from Texas with a nursing degree obtained in prison. In Mexico City, dreaming of reuniting with her family, Lucia is received by Liliana Duran, her younger sister, who reminds her that she is the shame of the family, although Liliana knows that the tragedy of her sister started it. Meanwhile, they agree that Lucia is alone in this life and Lucia begins a long ordeal to find work and the girl that she promised to protect.