Lading in uitvoering
  • Directeur Thaha
  • Duur 2 uur 16 minuten
  • Geslacht Komedie
  • Taal Malayalam

കപ്പല് മുതലാളി

Bhoominathan (Ramesh Pisharody) keeps big aspirations in his life. His dreams are all revolving around a property in the city, which he inherited. Bhoominathan finds that making a tourist resort in the land, is the best possible business which can bring him big returns. He starts to realise his plans to build a resort by digging down for making a good basement. And he finds to his astonishment, the archaic remnants of a ship. Bhoomi takes no time to inform the archaeological department which lands him to further troubles and his project of resort building gets blocked. Bhoomi has got a friend in Radhika (Sarayu), who also works with the same department. Now with the help of some fresh ideas from her, he plans to venture into a new arena of business. The movie goes on to tell in a lighter manner, how some unexpected happenings can change the fate of a youth.