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Roof of Africa: The Kiwi Domination

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A long time ago, in a land far away, the Roof of Africa was born. Over the past 40 years, this event has transformed itself from a long distance race with trucks, motorcycles and buggies into an Extreme Enduro behemoth suited only for dirt bikes. And today, the best riders from around the world come to the Kingdom of Lesotho to battle the challenging terrain in hopes of etching their name into history. This year, New Zealand's Chris Birch arrives at the Roof looking for a repeat. Very few names have ever won two in a row here. But the South Africans don't like losing on their turf and Jade Gutzeit and Darryl Curtis vow to put the hammer down. However, Andreas Lettenbichler, the Bavarian Machine makes his debut at the Roof ready to fight. And now the stage is set for a showdown in the Kingdom with the most competitive field this event has ever seen. Starring Chris Birch, Andreas Lettenbichler, Jade Gutzeit, Darryl Curtis, Louwrens Mahoney, Kyle Redmond, Rory Mead.