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Storage Wars: Miami

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In Storage Wars: Miami, emotions run high within this feisty group of dynamic buyers who hope to find the kind of valuable and fascinating items that can make auctions run up to thousands of dollars. As they navigate the scene, these eager bidders must choose between two very different local auctioneers: Bob Nichols and Jerry Mahaffey.

Long-time buyer Kevin Pew has the most experience, as well as the quickest wit. Fiery Cuban couple Jorge Gomez and Maydel Garcia are fun-loving treasure hunters. Married duo Greg and Lindsey Atz have a love/hate relationship: they love making money, but they hate working together. And cousins Yorgen Ugalde and Christian Fernandez are always trying to fill up their store, 7 Days Garage Sale (closed on Sundays).

From alligators in the Everglades to beautiful people in South Beach, Miami has a little of everything... which means there's sure to be unique treasures hidden behind locker doors.



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