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  • Land Zuid-Korea
  • Geslacht Drama, Romantiek
  • Duur van een aflevering 35 minuten
  • Totale duur 18 uur 40 minuten
  • Status Voltooid
  • Kanaal MBC

When I Was the Most Beautiful

114 leden 1 seizoen32 afleveringen

Oh Ye-Jin is a ceramic artist. She dreams of finding ordinary happiness, but life throws her a twist when she falls in love with brothers Seo Hwan and Seo Jin.

Seo Hwan is an architectural designer. He falls in love with Oh Ye-Jin at first sight, but his feelings puts him up against his older brother Seo Jin. Older brother Seo Jin is a race car driver. He became attracted to Oh Ye-Jin after he met her for the first time at his father's workshop. Meanwhile, Carry Jung is Seo Jin’s ex-girlfriend. Even though they broke up, she can't get over him.



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