Ładowanie w toku
  • Dyrektor Benjamin Cooper
  • Runtime 1 godzina 14 minut
  • Gatunki Horror, Działanie, Dramat
  • Język Angielski

The Brink

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Thomas Alva Edison died on October, 1931, but not before completing his greatest invention; a device for talking to the dead. Thought to be lost forever, Megan Goss, a gifted engineering student, tracks down the legendary blueprints. She rallies a group of friends to build it in a dilapidated house. What she doesn't tell the others is that this house has a history steeped in blood. A family brutally killed one another within its walls, and now that evil force lies in wait for someone to breach the tenuous membrane between worlds. Four students will learn some things are better left unknown when the flip of a switch frees a terror that forces them to the brink... and beyond.