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  • Dyrektor Hugo Benamozig
  • Runtime 1 godzina 31 minut
  • Gatunki Komedia, Przygoda
  • Język Francuski

Terrible jungle

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Dans la jungle, le plus grand danger c'est eux !

French Guyana, not so long ago. Eliott, a young and naive anthropology researcher, goes on an expedition to study the Otopis, a mysterious tribe from the Amazon rainforest. It is also an opportunity for him to get away from the grip of his possessive mother, Chantal de Bellabre, an ethnologist hated by the profession for her biased and cold-hearted practices. Arriving in the forest Elliot realizes the Otopis are not the “good savages” he had imagined. Alcoholic, violent, crooked: they will turn his expedition into real hell in the jungle. Fortunately, Chantal, consumed by remorse and worried about her son, decides to abandon her own expedition and goes looking for him in the jungle, with the help of the not so helpful Lieutenant-Commander Raspailles and his men.

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Uwagi (2)

C'est très potache et ça ne vole pas très haut mais j'ai quand même ri à quelques réparties.


Vraiment pas génial.


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