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  • Diretor Delphine de Vigan
  • Duração 1 hora 30 minutos
  • Gênero Comédia
  • Idioma Francês

À Coup Sûr

Best in Bed
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Raised to believe in performance and in the idea that all abilities must be optimized, Emma is a young, methodical woman who appears determined and relatively sure of herself. But two consecutive failures (real or imagined) lead her to believe that she has a real problem: she is useless in bed. Because she is more fragile than she appears, Emma hence decides to become... the best lay in Paris! She then sets out on a formidable plan of action (theory, practical, validation of acquired knowledge), which soon provokes a series of misunderstandings and disasters within her immediate vicinity. For one thing, her method doesn't turn out to be really adapted to her field of investigation. And Emma has probably also forgotten a little detail: love doesn't obey any plan. In this absurd and nutty quest, Emma will learn to let go, to lose control, and, to finally win her freedom.

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J'ai vu des gros bides en terme de film français ces derniers temps et du coup en visionnant celui-là j'ai plutôt eu une "bonne" surprise. Je mets des guillemets parce que c'est pas le film du siècle et il n'est pas super bon en soi, mais pas aussi nul que ceux que j'ai regardé dernièrement :) Par contre je ne sais pas ce que c'est cette mode des films de cul en ce moment mais je ne sais pas qui va payer pour aller voir ça au cinéma. Ca ne tourne QUE autour de ça c'est fatiguant, le cul le cul le cul ! Franchement changez de disque. Merci.


Cinématographiquement : néant. A oublier, à coup sûr !


Nul, un conseil : FUYEZ